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Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to Know if Apple has signed our version of iOS

All we've ever done Jailbreak our iPhone know what are the IPSW files, or at least have heard of them.

These important files contain the essential information of our iOS operating system, on any Apple devices. Consequently, we are not allowed to install IPSW files that are not signed by themselves, this is for security reasons. So, how can we know what versions of IOS that are signed by Apple are?

Here we leave all the necessary information to find out!

A simpler method

On the web we can find plenty of guides on how to verify the signature of a IPSW file, but most of them asked us to use the Terminal or command that will be strange for most mortals. However, today we'll show a less complicated way.

For the average user it easier to verify this information on a web page with the terminal. The page is called TSStatus , and is an unofficial website where you can view all versions of iOS and also those of TVOS that have been signed by Cupertino.

How to tell our version

If you want to know which version your device is running at this time, just follow these simple steps:

  1. First you need to access the settings.
  2. Once inside, we'll General.
  3. On this screen click on Information.

In here we can see all the information on our iPhone, such as IMEI, MAC address of the WiFi or Bluetooth, and our operator network.

We can also find among all the information our model of device. At the end, we will get what we want, which is the version code. Once we have this information, we go to page TSStatus and look for one that contains the code version. The page will throw us a result in which we will indicate since how this version has been being signed.

That's it! Definitely this method is easier and bearable than if we did through the Terminal. Some might like it more than I do out there, but most of us want quick answers and not so complicated to get.

Have you already verified your version? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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