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Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to Lock Google Chrome with a Password

We continue our tonic to help better protect every day. On this day we will try to give special attention to one of the most popular browsers. You know how to protect your USB and also have some pretty useful tips. The next thing is that you know put an iron protection to your browser. So we will show you how to put password to Google Chrome.

The tutorial will take you at most five minutes and is accessible to anyone. You just have to make you an article for the browser and little else. But hey, I will not keep you any longer and let's go with the tutorial in question.


To follow this tutorial we will use a really useful extension. Thanks to it we can make use of this option taking away headaches.

  • The first thing we do is download and update the Google Chrome browser. Once we have done that , you are going to make you with this extension.
  • The descargáis and the browser will take care to install it in our system automatically. Well, now we can use it without further problems.

When you have finished, the extension will ask us to put a password. Remember to put one that is very strong but that you can remember, because as you forget it no avail.

  • And with that you'd have your browser efficiently protected.
As you can see it's a really simple method and as much will take away five minutes. Is simply install an extension, set a password (which is strong) and ready. Often the most useful is also the simplest. If you can make it easy, do.

Without further ado I hope you have served this article. Remember that we love to read your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion in the box below. Thanks for your time.

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