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Saturday, 8 October 2016

How to operate the Invisibles messages iOS 10

The latest version of Apple 's mobile operating system, iOS 10 , has a lot of revolutionary developments. Especially in the Messages application.

Apple's iMessage platform offers users interesting features such as integration into the App Store, Digital Touch animations or reactions to messages.

But, without doubt, one of the most popular features of iOS Messages app 10 is the Invisible Ink ...

What is Invisible Ink?

Invisible Ink messages in iOS 10 is a new option from the effects of chat that allows users to send an "invisible" message. As you see in the pictures attached below not only you can send texts to this effect, but also videos and images.

Messages sent with Invisible Ink appear blurred, obscured, and a kind of digital particles that prevent viewing them. However, when you slide your finger over the text, image, or video, the particles are removed giving way to the content.

Invisible messages do not improve your privacy

Not Snapchat not. Invisible messages do not self-destruct in 24 hours. It is true that they are safe from prying eyes in the subway or while walking down the street. But it is easy to take a screenshot showing the image. I myself have made one. You see?

Moreover, it is not only possible to take screenshots of the content of your messages invisible, but can save a photo (or video) Invisible Ink an extremely easy way.

If you keep your finger pressed on the image with Invisible Ink iOS Posts in 10 and press "Save", it is automatically saved to your photo album. So, guys / girls, very careful with the photos that you send via iMessage with Invisible Ink ...

In short, no, the Invisible Ink in iOS iMessage function 10 is not a new method to encrypt our most intimate messages. However, yes it is a great option to pleasantly surprise your partner, friends and family.

It does not work on iOS10 Invisible Ink?

If the Invisible Ink messages (or other effects and animations) do not work properly on your iPhone and / or iPad here it is the solution: go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn off the feature "Reduce motion".

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