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Saturday, 8 October 2016

How to prevent macOS Sierra automatically downloaded on a Mac

Now, Apple has arranged macOS Sierra is available as an automatic download on those Macs that are running an earlier version of Mac OS X and are compatible with Sierra. While this may be convenient for some users, not everyone will want to have macOS Sierra on your computer, or use your bandwidth to download such a large file without your prior consent. Therefore, we will show you how to stop the direct discharge of Sierra macOS.

It is worth mentioning, that just automatically download the installation file macOS Sierra, not installed. So if the installer is downloaded to the Mac, you can still delete and skip the update if you do not want to install Sierra.

How to prevent macOS Sierra automatically downloaded on a Mac

  • You have two options to prevent macOS Sierra automatically download, choose one of the following depending on your situation:
  • Select "App Store"
  • Open the Apple menu and go to system preferences

Uncheck "Automatically check for updates". This prevents any update check Mac operating system software, applications or security updates. It is generally not recommended unless you are aware of updates and do it manually.

2. Uncheck "Download new updates in the background" that allow the Mac check software updates, but do not automatically download to your computer. This is a better choice for many users, as it will be advised of a software update but they can make the decision on whether or not to download and install.

Either option will prevent the automatic download of Sierra macOS on a Mac. When you're satisfied with yu option, exit the App Store.

Then you can go to the / Applications folder to see if the updater "Install Mac OS" has been downloaded. If you find the installer file, proceed to remove it. This file takes up about 5GB of space so if you do not intend to use it, you can delete quietly.

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