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Saturday, 1 October 2016

How to Raise Disable Wake on iOS 10

The new iPhone models include a new feature called Raise to Wake which is enabled by default, it is responsible for turning on the device screen every time you wake up. Whether you take it out of a pocket or pick it up from a table. It's a pretty good feature that prevents have to walk pressing buttons to turn the iPhone screen.

However, not all users want to Raise Wake on, if this is the case here find you have to do to clear it . If you do not have this functionality may be because your iPhone is less than the iPhone 6s.

Raise to disable Wake on iOS 10

To disable the feature just follow these simple steps:
  • Open the Settings app and go to screen and brightness
  • Raise find the option to Wake and off.

Once the function has been disabled can lock the screen, boost your iPhone and check that nothing happens, exactly the same behavior as other versions of iOS.

Many users search disable this feature because they are ignites the more times than they would like to display. For example, a user is activated this functionality in your pocket and one day found his unlock code on the screen.

The problem that the screen is constantly turn is the consequent battery drain, so it is advisable to disable it if you turn on more times than you want. Or if you see that your battery is draining too fast.

Activate Raise to Wake

If after removing it you see that this functionality was helpful to you in your day to day, to return to simply turn back and go to settings and Display brightness.

Once there, you can turn back the tab to Raise Wake.

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