How to Recover closed tabs in Safari on your iPhone and iPad

Ever you were surfing the net, reading an article, or by visiting a page and you accidentally closed? To you it has also happened to you, right? It 's really uncomfortable having to revisit history to find the sites you were visiting.

Yes, I know, they are a couple of taps and just takes time to re-open the web pages you've accidentally closed. But today we are going to advise a little trick of iOS 10 will save you a little more time, and the occasional headache.

You can recover tabs and web pages in Safari on iPhone and iPad, but not everyone knows this useful method ...

How to retrieve closed tabs in Safari

Of course, you need to use Safari (web browser native Apple) to achieve the goal with this tutorial for iPhone and iPad. When you've accidentally closed a tab, you can recover the following these simple steps you dictate below:

1. Press the button Safari tabs located in the lower right corner on the iPhone and in the upper right corner on the iPad.

2. Keep your finger pressed on the "+" button at the bottom on the iPhone and iPad on top.

3. Select the web pages you want to retrieve the "recently closed tabs" panel.


We've tried, and it is also possible to accelerate and / or simplify the process with your iPad:

1. Hold your finger on the "+" button in Safari.

2. Select the web pages you want to retrieve the "recently closed tabs" panel.

You can repeat the process as many times as you want in order to recover accidentally closed tabs in Safari for iPhone and iPad. It's really easy!

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