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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to Reduce Consumption Data Instagram

Instagram is one of my most used worldwide, millions of photos and videos are uploaded daily to one of the queens of social networks of photography. With the power of Facebook, the application has become the place par excellence to share our best memories in pictures.

Already part of the routine of millions of people every so often consulting your mobile to admire (and envy in many cases) the lives of those who follow. It is no wonder then that the app is responsible for our data plans look resentful.

Save data with a little trick

With every glance that we cast in the app, we find a new batch of pictures, videos and stories that consume our data rates. But with a little trick we can reduce some of the "pain" that represents the watch data usage skyrockets.

Only we need to go from the main screen of the app to the section Options (the gear in the top right corner). There we look for the section data usage, place where we can find much needed option to use less data, we have to activate adjustment.

Less rapidly in the app, but also lower consumption data

This small change will allow us, as indicating the app itself in its help pages, avoid preloading videos, feature prevents having to wait too long to see the videos you have uploaded the people we follow. This setting only applies while using mobile networks do not in Wi-Fi networks.

Thus we sacrifice a plus of speed to prevent our precious megs disappear with each update. And I think in the end is worth it, everything is for not having to frustrating speeds measured in kilobytes per second.

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