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Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to reduce mobile data using Instagram for iOS

If you use Instagram constantly from iOS devices, surely you will have noticed that mobile data is quickly exhausted and even pay you for one month.

And is that Instagram is a social network that allows us to view photos and videos of a comfortable and easy way, however, having to upload multimedia files all the time, it implies that the consumption of megabytes is greater. Something that is often a problem if we are not even close to the date of income.

So if you want to save megabytes when using this app, you need to do is follow these two steps will help to reduce mobile data using Instagram for iOS quickly.

2 step to reduce the data consuming Instagram on your iPhone

  1. Instagram enters from an iOS device.
  2. Then open the tab on your profile until you find the option buttons.
  3. Then go into Settings, and immediately enable smaller data Using Instagram and ready switch.

And with this application start saving mobile phone data without any problem. The only bad thing is that it is not yet clear how savings works. According to Instagram, the switch; what it does is prevent preloading videos when the phone is connected to a mobile network, ie using data. Therefore, uploading photos (and videos) will be very slow.

We must not forget that the preloading Instragram; It works as follows: the application loads many videos before we get to them so that you are ready to be seen. And this, despite being very useful, tend to be a problem if you're using mobile data. That is why if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, there will be no lack of place the switch.

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