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Friday, 14 October 2016

How to search through the Safari tabs in iOS 10

Among the new features that owns the Safari browser after upgrading to iOS 10 is the ability to search in Safari through the tabs using a keyword, this new feature can you be of help to many users, especially for those who tend to have many tabs open in the browser at the same time.

By using this new feature, either on your iPhone or your iPad, the recovery process and reduced tabs in Safari much faster than before. Basically, the search for tabs in Safari searches matching search terms in the title of the website or URL pages, but not looking matches on its own website, for those cases you can use a feature called "Find on page "included in the Safari for iOS.

How to search in Safari through the tabs to matches in the iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 

  • Open the Safari browser on your iOS device, then you must press the Tabs button, this button is shaped like two overlapping squares
  • If you use an iPhone, you must turn it to put it in landscape mode, in the case of the iPad, this action is not necessary
  • Proceed playing in the Search box or Search, located in the upper left corner, the next thing to do is enter a search criteria to refine your browser tabs.

All tabs that match the search criteria that income will come to show in the view of Safari tabs.

The possible difficulty you may encounter when using this feature, it may be on the iPhone or iPod Touch, because they must be used in landscape mode for this feature can run on these devices, but as I already mentioned, you should only turn to put the device in landscape mode, there is a possibility that in the iPhone, need to change the orientation lock in the off position, if you want to access this feature.

For now, this new feature is only available to those who made updating their devices to iOS 10 in the case of the Mac, this feature is not yet available.

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