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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How to Send Keystrokes with someone your Apple Watch

If you're wondering how to send your heart beat your partner, family , friends / as watchOS or 3? Follow this guide!

With the Apple Watch you can send your heart rate to other users via iMessage. It is a very personal and intimate way to show your love for those people you want.

Best of all is that the process is really simple, since iPadizate's how to send your keystrokes via Apple Watch to your contacts.

How to send your keystrokes in the Apple Watch

1. Open the Messages application on the home screen of your Apple Watch.

2. Select the conversation you want to send your keystrokes.

3. Alternatively you can use the Force Touch feature to access the "New Message" option on your Apple Watch.

4. Click on the Digital Touch heart shaped button.

5. Touch and hold two fingers on the screen until a beating heart appears.

6. Finally, press the "Send" button.

Additionally, you can also send fireballs, drawings, kisses, hearts and many other special effects and animations via iMessage on your Apple Watch by Digital Touch functionality. Because, sometimes, need not be answered with words ...

Best of all, in my view, is that with Digital Touch can freehand drawings and the receiving user can see how they've drawn line by line. It is fun!

What do you like most about watchOS 3? Have you already tried the Digital Touch function on your iPhone / iPad?

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