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Sunday, 9 October 2016

How to Stop Receiving Calls iPhone on iPad and Other Devices

If you have multiple Apple mobile devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad or a Mac, you may have you ever taken a scare when when receiving a phone call is also ringing in the other devices at once. This is due to a function of iOS and OS X called Continuity, but do not worry, because if you do not like can disable and only receive calls on the iPhone.

Admittedly, this feature can sometimes be useful, especially if you are one of those people who works with computer many hours a day. And it is that answering the phone from the Mac can continue working without problem.

But if this feature of iOS and OS X is rather annoying you do not have to worry, because it off is easy. Here's how to get the latest versions of iOS. Let's go there!

Stop receiving calls iPhone on your other Apple devices

In the most recent versions of iOS Apple allows the user to completely disable this feature, but also customize it to decide which device or devices you want sounding calls received on the iPhone. First of all you must know that this function only sends incoming calls from iPhone to other Apple devices always have to have logged into your iCloud account, you are close and connected to a WiFi network.

To configure this feature just take your iPhone and go to Settings - Phone and tap the Call option on other devices. You can completely disable the option or if you prefer to activate only those devices that have partners who also want to receive calls from the iPhone.

If you want to disable the option on any device you need to activate the option Allow calls. Then you just have to uncheck those where you do not want to sound calls and leave yes.

Did you know that iOS had this feature for iPhone calls on your other Apple devices? Do you find useful or otherwise think is rather annoying? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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