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Friday, 28 October 2016

How to Use the New Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus Camera

If you are an owner of a brand new iPhone 7 Plus and have updated to IOS 10.1, the new version of the system released by Apple recently , you've seen that there are developments in the app of the House. Among the different options to choose from now you will find the new portrait, which is exclusive to the ipohne 7 Plus mode.

This portrait mode uses one lens iPhone 7 Plus, specifically the "telephoto" 56mm. In addition, I must say that this new mode works only when certain conditions are met and it is very interesting because it creates a depth effect leaving defocused so that all attention is focused on the person or people portrayed.

The truth is that this new portrait mode which is still in beta phase is really amazing because it allows to get a blur effect of the background that can only be achieved with a DSLR camera. Here we have more details on this mode Portrait iPhone 7 Plus and how it works.

This is the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode included in IOS 10.1

As mentioned above, the iPhone portrait mode 7 Plus works only under certain conditions and when there is good light and the subject is within a certain distance. Although it must be said that you can fool the smartphone shooting in low light with a light source bright close.

On the other hand, I must say that to create this depth of field iPhone 7 Plus not only makes use of telephoto lens, you also need the wide angle. When a photo shoot in portrait mode automatically measures the difference in the distance between what you see the wide angle and telephoto, creating a depth map nine dots used to create this artificial depth of field.

The depth of field, explain in a simple way that everyone can understand, it blurs the background and focuses on subject or object in the foreground. In this way, all the focus is on the foreground, which results in very striking portraits and photographs.

On the other hand, I must say that this mode portrait has a number of limitations, eg no zoom options, you can not access the Flash, you can not activate the HDR nor Live Photos or use the built -in filters in the app. Yes, the portrait mode if supported by the timer, so you can put a countdown of 3 or 10 seconds if you need to.

How to enable portrait mode on your iPhone 7 Plus

We told you before the portrait mode iPhone 7 Plus has come with IOS 10.1 is still beta, so you can use it must first enable it . To do this simply open the app of the House, swiping at the wheel of the camera to go to the portrait mode and tap the message that appears to test the beta. As simple as that!

Once this is done and you can start using the Portrait mode on your iPhone 7 Plus. Please note the indications that may appear on the screen, for example you can ask to Situes a certain distance from the subject or you need more light.

When all requirements are met camera needs you will see a small yellow label appears on the bottom that says "depth effect". At that time the camera is ready to take the picture, so you press the shutter button anytime.

At first the portrait mode has been created to photograph people, but not objects or animals, at least officially. Still, you can get it if you want, you just have to open the camera in Portrait mode and click on the object you want it to be the center of focus.

As you can see, this mode Portrait included in the iPhone IOS 10.1 7 Plus can offer very interesting and results similar to those achieved with a DSLR. The pity is that the function is only available for this model, since it is the only one with dual lens camera.

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