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Sunday, 9 October 2016

iOS 10: How to Use Digital Touch iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Apple's iMessage application has been completely renovated after the release of iOS in October . The messaging app has introduced all kinds of new features , functions and features that allow users to perform many more actions.

Among the new features in iOS iMessage 10 highlights the background effects , to send balloons, confetti, shooting stars, etc; the effects of chat, to change the style snacks; the Emojificación a prediction system Emoji keyboard; reactions, likes to include in the hearts and snacks; integration into the App Store, to send Stickers, GIFs, bank transfers ... and Digital Touch technology, which we 'll talk today.

Digital Touch is a system that was implemented for the first time in the Apple Watch and allows users to send pictures line by line, hearts beating, fireballs, kisses and taps through animations. And now, with iOS 10 it is also available in iMessage.

Want to know how to send these special effects to your partner, friends and / or family? It's simple, you see.

Using Digital Touch iOS 10 in iMessage for iPhone and iPad

First, to activate the functionality must enter the iMessage iOS application 10 select a conversation and clicking the icon shaped heart with two fingers on it.

1. scribbles

You can send a picture by sliding your finger on the screen, the receiver will see how is drawn line by line:

2. Heart beating

You can send a beating heart holding two fingers pressed on the screen:

3. Heartbreak

To break the heart beating, touch and hold two fingers and when the heart appears both fingers sliding down:

4. Kisses

You can send as many kisses as you want by pressing two fingers on the screen:

5. Taps

To send "taps" simply pressing a finger on the screen. You can send as many as you want:

6. Fireballs

To send a fireball keep a finger pressed on the screen:

It has not been very clear you?

Do not worry, the iMessage app has a built-in tutorial that appears if you press on Digital Touch gestures located on the side of the function.

What do you think the integration of Digital Touch in iOS 10? What effect or animation you prefer?

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