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Monday, 24 October 2016

iOS 10: Useful Tips secrets behind the OS

And it takes a while among us, in fact, iOS 10 is installed in approximately 50% of Apple's mobile devices.

But we still do not know all their secrets ... Today we present you 5 Secrets hidden tricks iOS . 10 And they are really helpful!

Thanks to these secret tricks of IOS 10 your iPhone and / or iPad will be much more productive, more intuitive, and more efficient tools.

IOS10 Helpful 5 secrets

Find your Apple Watch

Like Find My iPhone, also available "Find My Watch" from the same application. And this is possible thanks to iOS 10 and watchOS 3. To find your wearable (although surely it is under the sofa seats beside the TV remote) select your Apple Watch from the list of devices the app Find My iPhone and its last location appears on the map.

Search photos by category and via Siri

iOS 10 allows users to search for pictures by category, and also do so through Siri. To do this, enter the Photos application, access the Photos tab, press the search button on top, and finally writes "Sky, Mountain, Beach, etc" to find specific photos. A You can also ask Siri "Looking for pictures with animals" and the like.

Split View in Safari

If you have an iPad compatible Split View functionality multitasking, you can open two websites and interact with them at the same time. To do this, keep your finger pressed on the tabs button (upper right corner) and select "Open Split View". Important: You must do it with the iPad in Landscape mode (horizontal). In addition, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro allows 3 tabs open in Split View.

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Unlock iPhone without pressing the button Home

Many readers are iPadizate that we have been asking you day in and day out. The solution to unlock the iPhone (or iPad) without pressing the Home button is simple. Open Settings> General> Accessibility> Start button and activate the "Place your finger to open".

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Limit access to widgets on the lock screen

The iOS lock screen 10 shows very private information, and now more than ever. But you can disable the widgets so that nobody can snoop from Settings> Touch ID and code and disables the "Viewing Today" option.

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We hope these secret tricks of IOS 10 for iPhone and iPad you have served useful. If you have any questions, you can share with us and other readers from the Comments.

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