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Saturday, 1 October 2016

IOS10 New Tricks for iPhone and iPad

The new version of Apple mobile operating system, iOS 10, has been with us a couple of weeks. At this time, we were able to tinker with our iPhone and iPad searching for the best tricks, features and news.

Thus, this article will show you 5 new tricks you can perform on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with features that Apple introduced in iOS 10.

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Some of these tricks and you know, since in iPadizate we have already published several tutorials iOS 10 . But you may not yet know all the new features that Apple has implemented in software on their mobile devices. That said, let's begin!

1. Unlock iPhone and iPad without Home button

Apple withdrew the iconic functionality "Slide to Unlock" that allowed users to unlock their iPhone and / or iPad sliding your finger on the lock screen. As a replacement, the company has implemented a default release system which includes the Home button press. But you can disable this feature in Settings> General> Accessibility> Start button.

2. Use the Split View feature in Safari

Now with iOS 10, it is possible to use multitasking "Split View" in Safari. To do this you must keep your finger pressed on the button tab at the top right corner of the web browser and select the Split View option. It's great to interact with two tabs at the same time!

3. Share notes and collaborate in real time

IOS 10 also can share annotations Note Pad and collaborate online in real time with other users and edit notes other contacts so that the contents are updated instantly. To do this, make a note in the iCloud folder and share it with the new button collaborations.

4. Send effects chat messages

To send snacks spectacular effects and background effects in the renewed application of IOS 10 messages need to keep your finger pressed on the submit button and choose the one you like. They are great!

5. Save web pages as PDFs in iBooks

Finally, we recommend a useful trick to save websites as PDF documents in iBooks, ideal to read later without an Internet connection. Accesses a web, press the action button Safari and select "Save PDF in iBooks".

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