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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

iPad Pro or MacBook What to buy?

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequent questions among technology consumers, and although almost all have already predefined response in our minds, we still mulling over the matter.

In this article I'll wash the brain not you buy one or the other, but you orient to you to determine what is indicated by your work and needs.

not so different teams

At first we can give the feeling that both teams serve completely different purposes. While the MacBook focuses on content creation, the iPad are destined for consumption of this. However, the iPad Pro has been created with a completely different purpose.

It may be one of the strongest teams that Apple has released in recent years, and has one of the best screens in the world of tablets, but does it really compare to the usefulness of a computer? Depending on what you use it, yes.

Apple has created its iPad Pro with the idea that this compete with the MacBook and other laptops, but is this really a smart thing? Both devices are very powerful, of course. They have lots of applications for office automation and administration, plus can be adapted to a keyboard to the iPad Pro. So, why does it cost so much that people use it as their primary device? The answer may be more obvious than we think.

very different operating systems

The operating system of Apple's mobile devices, iOS, has positioned itself as one of the great rivals worldwide. However, this is not enough to compete with desktop systems as macOS or Windows. IOS environment is extremely limited, and has very few applications that are complete or have the same functionality as the MacOS.

The MacBook clearly wins, at least in this section, as it has many applications that can get all the juice to the machine, such as video editing, office automation suites with full functionality or even a browser with many more tools. If you are interested in a more mature and full editing applications, office automation system and many other things, you'd better buy a MacBook.


It is true that the MacBook are becoming lighter and thinner, making it easy to be carried from one side to another and can go unnoticed thanks to its limited weight. However, in transportability point we have to give the iPad Pro.

Being as thin as a pencil, the iPad Pro could be transported in our case without any problems. True, it is a bit heavy, but not enough to make it uncomfortable to have it on hand.

If you need a device to walk in constant motion and to use it as a means of entertainment, better choose the iPad Pro on the MacBook, because for the use you're going to give you better bring something compact and lightweight.


Although it all depends on what use you are going to give your device, the undisputed winner is the MacBook in any of its introductions. It's easy and comfortable to wear, has an excellent display and a power that no one can question. In addition, it is more useful for writing, browsing or design something, because you have all the tools you need gathered in a compact portable.

However, the iPad Pro is also noteworthy because it is a true beast in the world of tablets that -because it is a Tablet. If you opt for the iPad Pro we are sure you will not be disappointed, but we always prefer something more useful and familiar as a MacBook.

No matter what decision you take, we expect it to be based on your needs or preferences. Some prefer macOS for its versatility, and others to iOS so easy to operate that can be, but in the end, all this is based on tastes.

Do you what you buy and why? Leave your answer below in the comment box!

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