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Sunday, 16 October 2016

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Home button is no longer to be completely mechanical touch

With the arrival of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus it has also landed one button Home renewed. In fact, it is one of the novelties that brings the seventh generation of Apple phones, along with improvements in cameras , the change in the design of antenna bands , water resistance and the disappearance of jack 3.5 mm .

Some believe that the signing of Tim Cook has been somewhat terse in the introduction of major changes and has not presented very different from the terminal number 6. But the truth is that - far from the design - the other comprising 7 improvements therein. Your A10 processor is better than the iPhone 6s A9 , and has claimed victory left over compared with the score thrown by the first 4 ha Geekbench Benchmarks that made the new Google Pixel .

As I mentioned, the new Home button is no longer to be completely mechanical touch. Once we got used, this aspect is a substantial improvement in the use of the iPhone 7. Apple has chosen to offer a Home button pressure sensitive employing a haptic feedback system to simulate keystrokes that would in a mechanical button. In this article you can take a look at the benefits that this change brings.

But every face has its cross. And may this button Home Touch this failure on occasion, as can happen with any other part of the device. In this regard Apple has been proactive and has given the iPhone 7 of the ability to provide a temporary solution automatically. This is thanks to the software that controls the motor feedback Taptic-Engine is deeply rooted in iOS 10 .

Thus, when the diagnostic system detects that Button Home technology has malfunctioned, the iPhone 7 shows a dialog box in which alerts the user of the problem and announces that require repair. Even so normal. The surprise comes when, after the message appears on - screen button Alternate Home.

As indicated from MacRumors , this enables the continued use of the device temporarily until the system is repaired, but it is also true that the touch button has a higher error rate than the old physical buttons. In any case, it is good news to know that if this button fails we have a temporary alternative for the iPhone 7 can not become a nice and very expensive paperweight. What do you think this solution Apple?

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