IPhone 7 burns like Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Previously, we have presented the iPhone 6 White customizable by the user to watch. Last EverythingApplePro can customize the iPhone 7 black, jet black of yourself as well. By customizing an iPhone 7 looks burns like the Galaxy Note 7 will be like to watch it.

EverythingApplePro has revealed the video for customizing the appearance of the iPhone 7 black jet black. That looks like a burn method used by the Galaxy Note 7. Is cutting sticker and a picture of a burning Note 7 to the front and rear chassis Home button iPhone 7.

The stickers are used by UNIQFIND a sticker carrying machine (Skin) in several formats for the iPhone 5 to iPhone 7, including MacBook, too.

Those interested can find more information at the website Skin Striped UNIQFIND price Skin is at 24.99 dollar (about 900 baht).

watch video

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