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Thursday, 6 October 2016

IPhone 7 will win by knockout to Google Pixel

The phone Google Pixel has appeared in yesterday, the characteristics and performance of the phone, at first glance, are far behind the iPhone 7 and is defeated even in the performance of a single core for the iPhone 6S and iPhone .

Taking the first benchmark results for Pixel and Pixel XL phone in Geekbench 4 about 4100 points are obtained for performance multi-core and 1580 points for a single core.

In contrast, l a score based multicore iPhone 7 is about 5600 regardless of the model with a score of 3430 for testing a single core.

For comparison, the iPhone 6s Plus has a score of 4106 for multicore and a score of 2508 for testing a single core.

It is believed that the processor in the smaartphone Pixel XL, runs the smaller of the two recommended techniques Google specifications speeds.

Still, this does not mean that the new A10 Fusion Apple processor, which is included in the iPhone 7 seems to be much more potent than included in the smartphone Google, so much so that in multicore benchmarks and single core the iPhone exceeds more than 1000 points to Google pixel.

While benchmarks are not a perfect representation of the performance of both devices on a daily basis, they are useful for comparing the raw processing power between two pieces of hardware.

Both models contain a Google Píxel Snapdragon 821 CPU with two cores running at 2.15 GHz and two running 1.6 GHz. The phone has 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Moreover, iPhone series A10 Fusion 7 uses the processor, two cores high performance and high efficiency two cores. The two high performance cores are at 2.34 GHz.

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