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Saturday, 1 October 2016

iPhone 8 may be built into a mirror. A stainless steel version of the Big Apple and Sharp are in talks to produce a screen OLED

News continues for iPhone 8 last Kuo of KGI Securities you ever revealed the report analyzes the iPhone 8 will be built as a mirror like iPhone 4 to be built into a stainless steel version Most Bloomberg reported. further, Apple Sharp is in talks to manufacture screen OLED.

iPhone 8 glass unit

For appliances Glass that Kuo revealed that Apple will use the material in front of and behind the machine for a glass iPhone 4 caused because Apple successful iPhone 7 Gloss Black Jet Black created a sensation a new iPhone model, as well. appropriate And the advantages of a uniform glass surface. To fingerprints and scratches at the surface of the glossy Jet Black.

Kuo's report also said that more. With an iPhone 7 Black Jet Black with a low rate of production (production difficult) may be another reason why Apple would choose to use a glass material used in the new iPhone model using glass 2.5D or 3D models, it is not.

iPhone 8 version 5.8 inch built-in stainless steel.

Kuo's last report had mentioned the possibility of an iPhone with a stainless steel material. Or aluminum The iPhone version is larger (5.8-inch size) and it is possible to use the same design as the iPhone 4 to go to push the iPhone allows users to choose the Premium version has more.

Sharp is the manufacturer of Apple negotiated a screen OLED.

Another report from Bloomberg about the iPhone 8 Apple is negotiating for a manufacturer Sharp OLED displays for use in the iPhone 8 LCD screen on the iPhone generation ago.

Rumors of the iPhone 8 OLED displays have previously been selected by Apple as of now, OLED displays for Apple Watch features of OLED display is bright. Color contrast than LCD is the display of color and light control can save more energy.

iPhone 8 OLED display

Interesting features of OLED display that saves energy up. You can also adjust the screen to bend it. Is the source of the rumors. The screen of the iPhone 8 may be curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The report revealed that Sharp has negotiated and agreed with Apple to produce OLED screen, with data showing that Sharp has invested in the production of OLED displays worth more than 500 billion dollar is expected to be in production. soon But lasted until 2018, because Apple may have to negotiate with other manufacturers as well. To avoid problems like low production rate iPhone 7 Gloss Black Jet Black.

For now, he started a rumor about the iPhone 8 more must follow consistently that we will see the features of the iPhone version, celebrating the 10th Anniversary iPhone different from the iPhone 7 or to the next track.

Source - 9to5mac-KGI Report , Report 9to5mac Bloomberg.

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