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Thursday, 27 October 2016

IPhone 8 will come in 3 sizes and material that you missed

New reports from Nikkei Asian Review say Apple could go for a design made entirely of glass for the new iPhone 8 will arrive next year, and claims that would also introduce a model with a 5 inch screen.

Apple has previously used glass in the back of their -iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S- terminals, but changed to a metallic design with the latest launched devices. A new 5 - inch iPhone would join the familiar 4.7 - inch 5.5 inches.

Benefits of a glass design

Last month analysts KGI assured that a new iPhone full glass come in 2017. All this is based on the surprise that Apple was seeing that the iPhone 7 best selling was the one with the Black Bright finish, which he ended convince them that users wanted a less opaque design. The only problem that brought the use of this material is that it was too difficult to build, and easily deteriorated.

However, a glass design would be much more durable because it would be more resistant to damage and have a better grip on hand.

New design and new screens

The phone is designed to be fully glazed, both the front and the rear, and with similar metal edges to what we had already seen in the iPhone 4. KGI has said that the metal part of the device wider range would probably be stainless steel, while smaller models range would be made of aluminum.

The screens of the next iPhone is expected to be AMOLED, while the sizes would fall by 4.7; 5 and 5.5 inches for each model. One report also pointed to the inclusion of a 5.8 - inch model.

Another debate is whether or not the new Apple device does not include a curved screen. KGI does not expect Apple to do this, while the Nikkei has 5.5 - inch model would be that it would include.

The latest rumors have been coming increasingly have more sense. Apple could include this glass design and slightly larger than the iPhone 7 to please many customers ended dissatisfied with the poor durability of the Black glossy finish screen.

Would you like an iPhone glass? Leave your answer in the comments!

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