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Thursday, 13 October 2016

iPhone and iPad from 16 Doller auctioned in Madrid

Apple knows better than anyone how to get their products are sought after, knows the formula to achieve good figures in a market with so much competition such as smartphones and tablets. It is also true that has many detractors, I guess signing Tim Cook does that have in music is called "duende".

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus arrived last month, but many users still prefer the earlier models in the catalog of Apple. To those who yearn to acquire a device with the seal of the bitten apple you will be interested in what is taking place today in Madrid. This is the iPhone and iPad auctions, and other products of the firm.

The City of Madrid auction Apple products

Ever you ever wondered what happens with phones that are lost in public areas? For that, in the event that someone decides to obey the little voice of wisdom that advises you return the iPhone found on the bus, it will go to the Lost Property Office. Yes, oddly enough, some products just there.

And what happens when the owner is not? An example is what makes the Madrid City Council that, starting today, auctioning devices that have not been claimed for the past two years and layers of dust accumulated in their offices. A total of 1,300 products from various sectors and brands, most notably in the number of Apple.

In fact, the City has so many models of devices that Apple has decided to open a specific bid for them. It is for this reason that we can find "bargains" for 40 euros as iPhone, iPad between 15 and 20 euros and even Macbook Air for 125 euros. Prices are really low for this coveted brand.

Points to consider

The negative point is important to note is that there is the possibility that the iPhone in question does not work. Recall that Apple devices offer options to block them in case of loss or theft. So we can find a locked phone does not turn on , or who does it but can not make calls for example.

This aspect of the blockade must be taken into account when making a bid. Also another aspect to remember is that in the case of products stored are two years, we will not find current models, as much will reach the iPhone 6 or iPad Air. In any case, it is important to consider these points before bidding like crazy, but if you have in mind and still benefit will expose the product, the truth is that the occasion is good.

How to participate in the auction

The Madrid City Council offers two ways, first one and then another virtual classroom. If you want to do online just go to the page Escrapalia . As for dates, the auction begins today via virtual, and will last until October 20. Then there will be another auction for products that have not been sold, but will face in Duran Art and Auction (C / Goya, 19), from 27 October to 3 November.

To participate in either way, you need not be resident in Madrid, the only thing required is to present the DNI. If you are interested I recommend you not tardéis, because this news is spreading very fast and the server is already showing signs of overload. It seems that the auction will have many bids.

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