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Friday, 28 October 2016

iPhone Basic Tips for Beginners

In our blog we have a lot of manuals for iPhone and iPad with hundreds and hundreds of hidden tricks in iOS. But it is also important to highlight the features, benefits and basic settings for those who are new to this.

Knowing these basic tips will allow you to make your iPhone much more useful and productive. They will provide a very effective way to maximize their potential.

That said, it remains just mention that most of these basic tricks are available for all models of iPhone, but some of them only can find in the latest version of the mobile operating system from Apple: iOS 10.

Guide with basic tricks for iPhone

Restarting the iPhone

If you want to restart your iPhone all you have to do is keep pressed the start button and the button on / off the device for 10 seconds. The screen will go dark, but still pressing them to turn back on.

Take a screenshot

You can also take a screenshot (screenshot) to share with friends and / or family anything you want. To do so press the start button and the button on / off at the same time for a moment.

Parental control

iOS gives you the opportunity to restrict access to certain applications, disable in-app purchases or disable downloading Settings> General> Restrictions.

Deactivate the self-correcting

If you just bought an iPhone (or iPad) and want to remove keyboard awkward autocorrections you can do this from Settings> General> Keyboard> AutoCorrect.

Keyboard shortcuts

Write properly on a mobile device like the iPhone requires skill, but iOS makes it easy thanks to shortcuts on the keyboard. For example, to write the accents you can hold the key of a vocal and slide your finger up.

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