It is very difficult to iOS 10 jailbreaking -


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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It is very difficult to iOS 10 jailbreaking

iOS 10 stands out as a very difficult operating system to break and therefore hackers and developers are working hard to find vulnerabilities in the new iOS to enable jailbreaking. But now they must face another challenge, as there is a prize of $ 1.5 million for those with iOS hack success 10, which makes it very difficult to give up a jailbreak version of iOS before 10 without thinking about the generous prize money or worse, vulnerabilities are fixed faster, before launching a hacked version of the operating system.

Once again Apple has released a better version of the iOS. This time, Apple released iOS 10 which manages much of their vulnerabilities, focusing specifically on the vulnerability that made possible the jailbreaking of iOS. Unlike previous versions, it seems that Apple has successfully managed this "growing problem" because it receives a very negative response from fans of jailbreaking.

This is not all, since now it has a generous prize of $ 1.5 million for iOS hack who achieved success 10, which hinders the work of the Jailbreakers.

It is worth mentioning that the developers have successfully hacked jailbreak for earlier beta versions of iOS 10 But as Apple releases a new version of IOS 10 a 2 x 3, you may have already fixed these vulnerabilities, which makes it increasingly ma is difficult to jailbreak iOS 10.

These measures Apple, also have their drawbacks, since from the jailbreak is provided to users of Apple unlimited customization options, so that people who have the first contact with IOS 10 and are accustomed to jailbreaking, may not they feel satisfied. In fact, Apple has taken many concepts jailbreak and applied them in various iOS updates.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait, to hackers and developers work hard to crack codes iOS 10.

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