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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Jailbreak IOS 10: 5 Things You Need to Know

"When will be launched on iOS Jailbreak 10?" It is one of the most common questions we've heard over the last month. Therefore, we decided to investigate and report on all the latest Jailbreak.

What is going to tell you all you need to know about the state of Jailbreak IOS 10 and what to do while waiting for an installation tool Pangu or other hackers.

Apple released iOS 10.1 to improve system stability, fix some bugs and introduce new functionality for dual camera iPhone 7 Plus.

So, if you are expecting the Jailbreak IOS 10 for now we recommend you follow in IOS 10.0.2 (or iOS 10.0.3).

Release date

Obviously there is no release date confirmed Jailbreak IOS 10. Normally this usually takes months of waiting after the release of the new version of the operating system. However, some sources indicate that Pangu could launch an installation tool in late October, although it seems unlikely.

Jailbreak iOS10 State

There is some progress in the jailbreak of IOS 10. Luca Todesco shared a video of the jailbreak on a device with iOS 10 in which we see running Cydia:

It is compatible with iPhone 7

Many users say that will not be a Jailbreak for the iPhone 7. This is completely false. If the Jailbreak IOS 10 appears soon, rest assured it will also be compatible with the i7 and i7 Apple Plus.

Careful what you install

There are a lot of viruses circulating on the network as "Jailbreak". So far there is no tool available to install Jailbreak IOS 10, so do not install anything strange on your devices.

Do not upgrade to IOS 10.1

No one knows when it will launch Pangu Jailbreak IOS 10, but it is advisable to wait before updating your device because the tool might not be compatible with the latest versions of the operating system because Apple could patch the vulnerabilities.

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