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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Jailbreak With OpenSSH

Many have been the times when users complain of having to rely on iTunes to share files between your iOS device and your computer.

It is true that there are alternatives to iTunes thanks to Jailbreak , but some users want to go beyond simply transfer music files or photos; some want to browse complete directories of iOS like a storage device either concerned.

The solution, again, has been with us since the beginning of Jailbreak and is called OpenSSH. OpenSSH is nothing more than a set of applications that allow encrypted through a communications network, using the SSH protocol. This protocol, in short, allows us to access remote machines via a network.

And yes, this means that if we have installed in our iOS device can access your files from your PC remotely.

Installation and configuration

1) find Cydia OpenSSH, Jay Freeman (Saurik), and install like any other tweak. Then we do the same with iOS Terminal.

2) We will open Terminal and change the default password for added security iOS typing the following:

2.1) session started with the root user: su root

2.2) will introduce default root password: alpine

2.3) We will move to the root directory root: cd

2.4) will request a password change: passwd

2.5) You type the new password (in our case UserRoot123).

2.6) confirm the password by retyping it.

3) Upon completion of the previous step, we will go to Settings / Wi-Fi and look at the information from our network Memorizaremos the IP address of your iPhone -. IPad.

4) Then we will go to our PC, in my case Windows, and will download an SFTP client (we could do it in console mode, but it will be more intuitive). In my case I will choose WinSCP . Once installed, it will start and we ask you to believe a new session.

5) Protocol drop - down list will choose SFTP for secure data transfer. Then in server name or IP address of the IP introduce the device you want to access (the same in which we have installed OpenSSH).

6) In Puerto we will choose port 22, which is the port of SSH. Then in Username Password type out root and type out UserRoot123. With this we would all entered parameters.

7) Finally, we will keep the session, unlock our device and will press Connect (in case he asks us if we want to save the key cache will press Yes, and we trust that team). We probably also ask for the password again; if so will enter it.

Once the connection we can navigate at will through directories, export and import files, etc. And most importantly: get rid of both iTunes as cable and not have to worry more than, for example, what to do if iTunes does not recognize your iPhone or iPad . Like if you have iFile and an FTP client like Filezilla on your PC.

What do you think of this simple method? Did you ever used it? You know how to get more out of it? Do you know an even better alternative? Do not hesitate to comment your opinion below.

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