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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Know the Best Case without Keyboard for your iPad Pro and iPad Mini

Do you have an iPad Pro or iPad Mini and you're looking for a case to protect Today in the market there are an endless number of models of covers for the Apple tablet: only the back cover, Smart Cover with back cover and cover with keyboard, no keyboard ...

Lots of variety and sometimes it can be difficult to find the one you like or fits your needs. Many users who like to have a physical keyboard to type better with the iPad, but many others see no utility in an accessory as well.

So now let's focus iPadizate only show you some of the best covers for iPad Pro and iPad Mini that have no keyboard. Let's go there!

Protect your iPad or iPad Mini Pro with one of these cases!

Smart Case for iPad Pro 12.9 inch

This case Smart Case for iPad Pro JETech has a very elegant design. Protect 12.9 - inch iPad both behind and ahead thanks to the Smart Cover cover and is available in several colors (black, blue, red, gold , purple ...).

The rear has a very fine holes with corresponding buttons for different design, the Lightning connector, headphone jack and speakers. On the other hand, the front cover is very similar to Apple 's Smart Cover , and can be folded upon itself to convert based on a small stand that holds the iPad in horizontal position.

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Moko Ultra Slim 9.7 inch iPad Pro

This case for 9.7 inch iPad Pro is ultra thin and very light. Like the previous one, also it protects the tablet ahead with a Smart Cover cover in space and back gray with a hard transparent casing.

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Pro 12.9 inch iPad Case

If you are the people who do not like full sleeves this transparent casing JETech can be a good choice. Only protects the iPad Pro out back, being transparent can show off the design of the tablet in all its splendor and also its design is very thin, so you barely notice you're wearing.

Moko Case for iPad Pro 12.9 inch

IPad Pro 12.9 inch is perfect for the business field, so if you use it in your day to day work this briefcase to transport might be interested. Made with premium leather on the outside and microfiber inside to protect the iPad from scratches, it has a small pocket for cards and a larger one to save important documents or anything else you can think of .

ULAK Case for iPad Mini

This case is very durable and will serve to protect your iPad Mini from accidental bumps. Protects the tablet both front and back, yes, the design may be too rough for some users. It also has a small tab on the back to hold it vertically or horizontally.

Transparent Cover for iPad Mini

The iPad Mini, the model with 7.9 inch screen, also has transparent covers that only protect the back of the device without hiding its original design. If this is what you were looking for , this housing AmazonBasics is perfect and is compatible with Smart Cover.

Case for iPad Mini

Finally, this case JETech is like the first that we show for the iPad Pro. It has front and rear protection with a Smart Cover which can be folded to place the iPad Mini horizontal top, perfect for viewing multimedia content or to raise the device slightly.

These are some of the best cases you can find in the market today for iPad Pro (12.9 and 9.7 inches) and for iPad Mini (7.9 inches). Remember that there are many more, but these are the ones who liked us, so we invite you to tell us in comments what kind of cases or covers do you prefer to protect your iPad.

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