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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Know the Pros and Cons of Jailbreak your Apple TV

As we know, Apple TV is a device that allows us to another level our television. Thanks to him, we can do things like watch YouTube videos, listen to music or to project the screen of your iPhone or iPad on TV, which comes well, for example to play the games of these devices on the big screen.

As good Apple product, you can Jailbreak, which allows us to perform a number of actions in our Apple TV that we could not before. Then we will see what advantages and disadvantages does this.


As already mentioned, Jailbreak adds a number of options for this device, including these are the highlights:

  • We can install XBMC, a media center that can add getting plugins to view movies and other websites.
  • Adding functionality to play almost any multimedia file from your computer, either Mac or Windows. This comes in handy when playing movies on TV we have in our computer.
  • We will let you install other programs, such as a browser or an application to read our mail. very useful for not having to use another device to perform these actions thing.


Jailbreak your device not only has advantages, it also has drawbacks. Then we will see the main problems that this may entail:

  • The main disadvantage is security, because what we can download may be corrupted in some way and that can lead to bad consequences for our device, you always have to be careful with what we downloaded.
  • It 's not the easiest thing in the world or quickly, so we have a lot of patience if not, or benefits do not convince you, maybe the Jailbreak is not for us.
  • As a last disadvantage, it is noteworthy that by doing this we will lose the guarantee that Apple offers. And if a problem arises we, unfortunately, we will have to endure.


If we have that virtue is patience and lose Apple's warranty lets us sleep at night, do the Jailbreak to our Apple TV can be a good choice because it adds many features that we can be very attractive.

If on the other hand these advantages do not seem the most attractive and the features of the new version of TVOS seem enough, or use other apps to see series on our Apple TV, maybe not worth risking the safety and assurance our device.

Would you have done Jailbreak your device? What was your reason for doing so or not?

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