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Monday, 10 October 2016

Learn how to set Emergency Numbers In Your Apple Watch With watchOS 3

With the arrival of the update watchOS 3, watches Apple have new interesting features . From now on you will have the possibility of making emergency calls from your Apple Watch. This feature will allow call 112, the 991 or the emergency number your country quickly and discreetly to send your location and alert your loved ones if we are in danger.

An advantage of this new feature is that automatically, the clock detects your location and calling the correct organization of the country where we are, whether you're in London or Venezuela, your Apple Watch will contact the emergency number appropriate the country where we are located.

When making an emergency call?

This new feature makes a real call to 112 or 911, so we must be careful not to use it if there is no real emergency. Obviously you will not use this function to warn your cat caught in a tree, or someone parked irregularly in the position of your vehicle, most countries have alternative numbers, which are not emergency for such situations.

An emergency call is ideal in the following scenarios

  • You are suffering from some serious health
  • Your life is in danger, or have been the victim of a crime such as theft, assault, kidnapping, among others.
  • Being in the presence of some sinister, such as a fire in your neighbor's house.
  • Any situation that represents to be in real danger, both for yourself and for someone else.

How do we make the emergency call?

To access this feature simply hold down the side button on your Apple Watch us appear three options to choose:.. Off, medical information and emergency call Slipping the third option it will automatically call the agency's emergency your country and sent a text message to your family or loved ones.

To end the call (either because you made in error, or you inform effectively the emergency) you have to do is to press hard on the screen to display a button to end the call.

Setting emergency contacts

To set up your contacts for emergency calls , we must do the following:

  • Apple launches the application on your iPhone Watch
  • Select General and then Emergency
  • Select "Add contact emergency"
  • Choose any of your contacts from the contact list

If you are in danger, it is normal that you inform your loved ones apart from the emergency call. With this new update, you can automate everything from the Apple Watch.

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