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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Lengthen the Life of Your iPhone 7 with the Final Indestructible Case RhinoShield

When the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus presented , we all amazed her appearance, especially models Jet Black. However, it soon could see that shiny finish was not as strong as we indicated in the Apple keynote. Among the best cases to put your new iPhone in July , today we present the final hand RhinoShield.

With the signing RhinoShield, we could try the PlayProof case for our iPhone 7 few weeks we drew from its box makes . We had heard a lot about this case, and RhinoShield has given us to demonstrate that they are best protect our mobile terminals.

With more fear than anything else, we decided to do all kinds of fancy stuff with our iPhone . 7: falling from the ear, juggling him and to throw from a balcony to 4 meters high against the hard ground Do you think there will be I survived all this?

IPhone endurance test 7 RhinoShield

As you have seen, all these tests, our iPhone 7 has gotten out of them completely unharmed. At first we thought that this case would be typical that promises much and then to nothing, but RhinoShield has shown us that knows how to make a good case for mobile.

The RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper, as its name suggests, is built to avoid any break in all kinds of 'normal' situations. We get the mountain, running, or playing frisbee with our iPhone 7 if you want. Thanks to its absorbent polymer materials, is able to be resistant to impact and time. It is supposed to hold up to 3.3 meters fall, but our test 4 meters has endured as a champion.

The brand also offers a screen saver apart to achieve full iPhone protection layer 7 without possibility of damaging the terminal in any way. In addition, it is quite fine for what has proved to be resistant. It can be purchased in up to 5 colors (black, dark blue, white, pink and blue) for less than 20 euros.

We have flabbergasted the resistance has proved this bumper of RhinoShield for iPhone 7 as we had seen other less favorable results from other manufacturers in similar tests.

Have ye stone become like us? Discuss your impressions in the comments.

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