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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Manage your music on your iPhone has never been easier

The definition sound with the iPhone, make them listen to music is a great experience. So surely you have occupied much of the memory of your phone with thousands of songs. If you do not have a great memory is something that suffer, because you must remove some of the musical repertoire to recover disk space.

IOS 10 came many new features , including the ability to have your downloaded music from the Music application. This allows you to listen to your music without the need to be connected to the internet, nor be concerned about how much place does.

Therefore, in iPadizate we teach you the best ways to manage music on your iPhone and you can be quiet, and not so steep, the amount of free space you have left.

The best way to manage music on your iPhone

Automatic storage optimization

Apple gives you the ability to enable an option for the system, intelligently, manage disk space occupied by your songs have. For this, the system recognizes the music you takes place but do not you listen, then delete it. This will happen in case you run out of memory available, so you'll be much help.

To automatically optimize storage will need to do a few simple steps:

  1. You must enter settings.
  2. There you must click Music.
  3. One of the options within the Music section will optimize storage, where you must press.
  4. And with optimized storage enabled, you will have different options for storage measures, depending on what music selections will be in the system. For example, if you choose 8 GB, it will be music to your device.

Manually delete music from the Music application

  1. Open the Music application.
  2. Access to the library.
  3. Hold on the album, song list or you want to delete, and you see a menu.
  4. Select the option to delete.

Manually delete music from System Settings

  1. Go to Settings from the main screen of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to find the Music section, where you must press.
  3. Music Within, you will find the downloaded music section. Click to enter.
  4. Inside, you must press edit, located top right, and give you the option to delete the album you want quickly.

Have you used these ways to manage your music? Have you reached the disk space to have all your favorite music?

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