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Monday, 3 October 2016

Meet the Best Websites for watching movies on your iPad

If there is something we like iPad users are able to take full advantage of all features of this device. One of the main advantages of the iPad over other devices is that it has a very large display quality with which we can watch videos and movies.

Now we show you the best apps for watching TV on your device or how to share movies with your family. However, today we show you the best iPadizate both websites where you can pay as gratuitas- make the most of your screen. A list where you can watch your favorite movies on your favorite device.


As number one on this list we find this well-known American platform. Get that for a small fee per month we can see countless movies and series on our device. Not only can watch series not found anywhere else, but we can even see them with simultaneous release in the United States.


This known movies that we will see much content- and it has a lot of titles - at a reduced rate. Although we pay a cost ranging around 3 euros to watch movies individually, we can also try their entire catalog for free for a period of one month.


This platform will provide us mostly arthouse and independent films but also commercial - style movies. It costs 8 euros per month, but if you like this kind of movie, this is your place because it has a blog which read in detail that the film will plan to see and similar content.



This web so "little" is known not only videos, but also has films that have been either already donated by their creators or have given permission for a third climb. Of course this platform is free and unlimited use.


As you can see, there are many good alternatives where we can take advantage of the screen of your iPad. Whether paid or free, rest assured that some of them will end up in your list of bookmarks in your browser.

Do you You use any of these platforms? What is your favorite page from the list? Do you know of any other page that we have not mentioned here?

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