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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Meet Powerful External Battery more for your Apple Watch

To all who have an Apple Watch, either the old version or so new "Series 2", we know that is a utopia to reach the end of the day with a live amp if we are about intensive users.

It is also known that our friends in California like the suspense, and always leave us wanting to know how much amperage of each of their devices they bring to market. So much so that always has to be some brave I find out what the good or the bad. For the most demanding owners of this gadget there is a solution, and has Kanex.


As told in MacRumors Kanex GoPower Watch is an external battery of 4000 mAh, which tells us that charge up to six times our entire wrist device. In a peculiar way, not only it has a platform to load the Apple Watch, but also has a USB port to connect a cable and thus charge the iPhone, even simultaneously with the Watch.

This battery of gray plastic and square shape also has four LEDs around its single button, which will indicate how much power we have in our GoPower Watch, while on the other side we find the USB port already mentioned before and the micro USB port to charge the battery.

Product Use

After MacRumors that they were testing the battery, we are told that as we promised the creators of the external battery, the charging truly Watch up to six times - something curious on his part, since it is usually different from the reality, taking increasingly about 90 minutes on a full charge.

Of course this has been tested with the battery fully charged without use with the iPhone between charges, since this device is an accessory for the Watch not for our mobile.

It is also true that you can plug in and give a boost to the battery of our iPhone can reach up to nearly full charge, which is good, because, as we read earlier in iPadizate, iOS 10 reduces the battery life of the iPhone .

Recall that a device is 4000 mAh and we can not use it for much longer means that if we are to charge both the battery surely we live a disappointment.

Finally it should be noted that this battery is not available for the moment Amazon Spain or any other Spanish store. If on the other hand we are fortunate to live in the US for $ 99.95 can purchase this product. This is very useful for the most aggressive users because it is the only battery designed for the Apple Watch with so very much amperage.

What do you think? Do you use both the Apple Watch to buy this battery?

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