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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Missing from the iPad to sell as much as Microsoft's Surface

If we look back we will see how a few years ago the tablet market going really well, but recently sales have been falling gradually and is not expected to improve. The Apple iPad has also been affected and its sales have fallen, but to the surprise of many of Microsoft's Surface has a completely opposite trend.

Expectations of future market tablets in general are not very good, although Apple resists and remains committed to its iPad. And the apple company began to market with the arrival of the first generation iPad and does not seem willing to disappear.

Just follow renewing the iPad quite often, yes, now tries to give it a little twist and focus more the professional world (both business and education). However, if we look the other companies can see how each side give more time to their tablets, duly updated less frequently.

The Surface increases sales while lowering iPad

As we said a few moments ago, Microsoft has seen over the past year sales have increased Surface. But what need the iPad to get sell as much as the Surface?

It seems that users are increasingly looking for a tablet that allows them to go a step further and perform more functions, which are precisely the Surface. And it is that Microsoft designed its device as a sort of hybrid between tablet and laptop, a proposal that at first did not seem convincing but increasingly is gaining more followers.

For example, Microsoft has seen have sold 38% more than the Surface than the same period last year, from revenues of 672 million to 926 million dollars selling these devices. As you can see, it is quite important to increase sales in a market which is in decline.

Seeing this trend, you can only think that Apple could increase its sales as it has done the Surface in a unique way. Launching a hybrid operating system that allows managing the iPad with iOS or OS X In this way, the iPad would become in a hybrid device that would have the lightness of a tablet and power of a computer, as it would be able to use my desktop.

And the iPad Pro already has its own keyboard and also with Apple Pencil. But although it was announced as a perfect device for the professional field, it is still being managed only iOS with the limitations that entails.

Do you think you would get Apple iPad sales increase while integrating a hybrid OS between iOS and OS X? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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