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Monday, 24 October 2016

Moving the Spotlight search window on MacOS X

 The search window Spotlight can be moved around the screen in modern versions of Mac OS X, which is good if you want to move the Spotlight window something is blocking it , or just, or want to move the search window questions preferences to a site where it does not cause much discomfort.

Moving the Spotlight search window on MacOS X

Move the search window Spotlight is simple, just call Spotlight as usual through the element of the menu bar or via the shortcut Command + Spacebar, and from here, you need to click and hold the click left mouse in the Spotlight window, to drag it to the desired location.

you can move Spotlight anywhere on the screen, giving you the opportunity to place it in a position where it does not cause much discomfort or other applications obstruct visibility.

You can even put the Spotlight search window in the top right corner of the screen to mimic the look of earlier versions of Mac OS X. Spotlight

How to restore the position of the search window on Mac OS X Spotlight

To do this, all you have to do is click and hold the Spotlight icon located on the menu bar of Mac OS X. With this, return to focus the Spotlight window exactly in the top half of the screen again.

To be able to move the browser window, you need to macOS installed or OS X 10.11 or later on your Mac, as in previous versions you are not allowed to move the Spotlight window.

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