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Sunday, 2 October 2016

New Home Button Vs Virtual Home Tweak

Sure you know of any case where someone, or even yourself, has suffered a failure of the Home button on your iPhone or iPad. This button is both the hallmark by Apple in these devices and the most essential for everyone. Some, from the iPhone 5S, have resorted to the magic of Jailbreak to avoid the deterioration that component of your valuable equipment.

The solution has been to use the famous tweaks as Virtual Home which enables the use of start button using the Touch ID. It tweaks that was a complete success since it came to light a few weeks ago. As we know, the new Apple smartphone, the iPhone 7, has brought about a great change: you do not have a Home button as we knew so far.

It turns out that the novelty of this component is that it is not a physical button, but implements the 3D Touch technology, one that recognizes different levels of pressure and already brought the previous model on your screen. It seems that not only the new version of the iOS operating system has eaten her land to Jailbreak, adding functions that could previously only be obtained with tweaks, but also the new hardware.

But what has really dethroned the new button Home to the legendary Virtual Home tweak? Compare them .

virtual home

This tweak can use up to four different ways:

  • Single Tap: is activated by simply touching the surface of the Home button, and reacting to Touch ID.
  • Double Tap: similar to above except that we have to play two - way.
  • Short Hold: This option simply will not have to touch, but keep your finger on the button face for a moment.
  • Short Tap & Hold: is a fusion of Single Tap and Hold Short, in which we must tap and hold your finger briefly to activate it .

Besides all that, for the last two options, we can choose an indicator where the time (in milliseconds) that seem to us more convenient for when we keep your finger on the Home button to activate its function. We also have a list of the applications that we can or not use these functions, according to which we select (default is allowed in all).

Moreover, a switch with which to decide whether we prefer to vibrate or not to perform those actions. And do not forget the quick release, which is nothing but our device can also unlock just putting the mark on the Touch ID, without pressing anything; we can also select when this option is disabled (the default is two hours).

New iPhone 7 Home button

We can choose one of three levels of pressure available in the initial system configuration or later adjustments. In terms of operation is exactly the same as that was available in previous models, only now instead of noting that activates the physical button mechanism'll notice a small vibration thanks to Taptic Engine mounting the device.

As you can see the most complete tweak, but with the disadvantage that only touch the surface of the button inadvertently activated. The new button is simpler, but features that we must press to activate its functions, which activate inadvertently not be standard.

What is better? Everything is a matter of taste and opinion. You can decant by one craftsman alongside more full or a more sophisticated at the same time simple. You choose. At the end of the day , the trophy will take the end user to be completely satisfied with your choice.

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