New iFhone 8 Deja View Video - This is the 8 -


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Saturday, 8 October 2016

New iFhone 8 Deja View Video - This is the 8

Apple just released the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , which bring significant improvements as myocardial cameras and optimized hardware. All it is running at high speed thanks to as powerful as is the heart A10 processor and the new iOS 10 , which must still grow but is already getting a lot out of the seventh generation of phones firm Tim Cook.

But there comes a pleasant surprise, something that all fans of Apple phones were waiting with eager. Although the seventh member has just joined the iPhone family, we all wonder what it will be and when will we see the eighth. It was logical to think that would still wait until next year we would see nothing on the 8, but fortunately, the leaks are the order of the day in the technology sector. It has happened, then you have the first announcement of what will come after the iPhone in July. If you have not bought 7, 8 because it expects to be very "authentic" ...

What you you think? Look good, right? A penalty that is more false than fighting Power Rangers ... The truth is that the iPhone 7 are generating a lot of interest, have many followers but there are also many users disappointed. Decisions like bounce headphone jack port, or poor battery life, are not playing in favor. There are even those who choose not to purchase this generation and wait for the eighth.

We should note that the prices of Apple phones are not to take them as a joke. What it does seem to be joking is the unmistakable style of the company. Your ads are unique and each gives off a keynote do not know what that what I, perhaps therein lies the formula for success of the bitten apple. That is why the network we can find many other examples that parodied Apple presentations, here are the announcement of another device pata negra, the "iJam".

In any case, now we have to make do with the rumors and details to be filtered on the iPhone 8 true. What do you expect from 8?

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