Next IPhone is expected to debut in the fall in August 2017 -


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Monday, 24 October 2016

Next IPhone is expected to debut in the fall in August 2017

For quite some time, they have been getting a number of rumors suggesting that Apple launch an iPhone in August with different materials. In this case in particular ceramic.

This significant change would come to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. IPhone is expected to debut in the fall in August 2017.

But not only it has been rumored about the iPhone 8 ceramic. They were taken into account other options such as liquid-metal, stainless steel and glass.

Brian Roemmele, lover of technology and self-proclaimed as "alchemist and metaphysical" published in Quora an interesting article about the possible materials that the iPhone would be made in August.

In his article, Roemmele said ceramics is a fabulous material for heat dissipation, and also allows transferring signals Wi-Fi connectivity, LTE and Bluetooth easily.

Of course, he also added that ceramics is one of the most rugged and durable materials today. But ... it would be very different texture to the touch?

However many analysts who say that the transition to "ceramics" would be a truly complicated for just one year Apple margin process. Although not impossible.

Interesting Finally, add that Apple could handle this "transition" to a new material (if the company was interested in diversifying their supplies) bringing to market different models as "Premium", "Special Edition" or "Plus ".

Obviously, if Apple chooses to launch an iPhone ceramic 8 Plus, the device would be significantly more expensive than current models, although that always depends on the direction and development of new technologies, which usually tend to fatten prices.

What do you think? Do you think Apple will release an iPhone 8 ceramic? Or maybe glass? Bets in the comments welcome! 😉

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