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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Next iPhone screen might not have Bordes

Recently we talked about the contract that Apple may be planning to sign with the company Sharp screens in this contract pledging to renew their factories Sharp to support the workload that Apple would be required.

Every year we witness the technological innovations of the manufacturers. The company that makes less than a week Apple would be signing a contract for the manufacture of their screens, presented a great innovation in this field.

Sharp and borderless screen

It is not the first time that Sharp launches borderless screen, and now he has created over 2.5D. A screen that increases the percentage of display on the front of the device.

Sharp uses its Free-Form technology to shape this screen with rounded corner, the prototype has been launched in the CEATECH this year and is called Corner R.

What is Free-Form?

The new technology company screens is divided into layers IGZO LCD panels, thus rounded edges. Resulting in a 90% utilization of the front of the terminal, that 20% of the best phones on the market.

This new technology can be used by the company on the block in the development of their screens, why he could have signed a contract with Sharp. It would be a great incentive for innovation next iPhone, which is not exactly known for seize the front.

Cupertino may have taken a more intelligent way by signing this contract with Sharp, which is now owned by Foxconn. One of the main companies responsible for manufacturing the iPhone. We hope Apple will seize this type of technology to make us salivate over their new devices.

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