Periscope receives a new update to add new features -


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Friday, 14 October 2016

Periscope receives a new update to add new features

Since Periscope, acquired great popularity in the social network Twitter, users who perform live broadcasts, began to use this medium more frequently. The developers of this application, which is associated with Twitter, some improvements have been implemented this year, which greatly improve the experience of people. A clear example of this has been the possibility of transmission through drones.

But today, Periscope is updated to allow Retweet a tweet where it is carrying out a transmission. With this new feature, users who are conducting a live, can count on the help of other Internet users to gain more views.

Periscope acquires other features after its recent update

Besides the possibility of some Retweet live, users of this popular application, also has an extra feature for the camera. This is referred to as tap to focus. As its name says, this functionality; will allow users to create a focus on the camera at the touch of the screen.

In turn, within the new version of Periscope, we ran into a slight change icons of people we follow on Twitter. From now on, these are displayed with a special icon right next to its name, making it much easier to distinguish them from others.

As if that were not enough, users who opt for the VIP Program Periscope will be marked with a small icon on their profile picture. This tool is usually used more mind to broadcast live a more professional level.

The new features, is not the only thing that has the new update of Periscope. And, in this version, also it fixed a bug that caused a freeze of the application and stability problems when making a transmission.

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