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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Personalized recommendations could reach Apple TV

Currently, we found a wide variety of content in all types of devices. For all tastes and ages, always available on any screen. However, we do not leave behind home television, which normally allows us to access them with the best of qualities.

Our TV is in most cases our window to the world. But with the growing supply of content supplied by different vendors, get to see through it what we really like has become a complex and time consuming task.

Our favorite content available

Last year, Apple launched the new generation of Apple TV , with which finally allowed the developers of the App Store launch their applications on television users. This new device also marked the arrival of Siri, and with it, a new way to access all available content.

But the role that advances USATODAY and to be announced at tomorrow's event goes far beyond. Apple have developed an app which, in the style of Netflix, would help find the right content to our tastes between available through the Apple TV and subscriptions linked to it.

Bringing audiences quality production

With this approach they would achieve the series or movies users, who otherwise would never have discovered almost certainly and could become thanks to this tool in our new favorites. Surely something that would be useful in the face of a possible future streaming service company owner.

And it 's not just something of consumer interest, but also of all audiovisual producer who needs more visibility. Those who do not have enough budget for large marketing campaigns, but offer high-quality content. Perhaps this new tool can help them reach their audience, while we discover our next target of a marathon.

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