Play the music from your iPhone or Xbox Chromecasts with AirMusic -


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Play the music from your iPhone or Xbox Chromecasts with AirMusic

Today, we all want to share our music to play on your television or speakers, however, many do not have the right equipment. If that's the case, do not worry, in this article we'll talk about AirMusic, an application that lets you play your music on your game console or your Chromecast.

A constantly developing app

\The application actually already has a good time on the App Store, making it compatible with more computers with each passing update.

With the application we can listen to our music library from our PS3, Xbox 360, Chromecast and almost any other device that is capable of playing music via DLNA. It also gives us the opportunity to play it on your computer without cables or devices.


However, even though everything looks very cute, the application he still has some things to improve and add. For example, if we have the app in the background we have to be opening it every ten minutes to keep the music playing, which can remove some fluency.

On the other hand, the application is not compatible with old music purchased from iTunes, as this has DRM, but you can always play the new, as this is sold without this protection.

The last, but it may be the most important, is that we can not play our music in Spotify or any other streaming service. Only we have the option to hear the songs that we have stored in the memory of our terminal.


The application for functionality is excellent. It features necessary to play our music on other devices quick and easy options, and added that increase the quality or user experience. If you do not bother the few disadvantages that may have, we suggest downloading it.

The application is paid, so if you want to install it on your iPhone will have to pay a small amount.

Did you already tried? Discuss what you thought!

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