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Friday, 7 October 2016

Pokémon GO: 4 Tips to never run out of battery!

To prevent you receive this, follow the following Tips that will help you play GO Pokémon for more hours!

Pokémon GO: 4 Tips to never run out of battery!

1. Reduce the minimum screen brightness

One of the most energy-intensive functions of a smartphone. Reducing the screen brightness to a minimum, will save a large amount of battery. Anyway, no need to look at your screen all the time. When a Pokemon you will be notified by vibration.

2. Turn off the AR mode

To Augmented Reality mode consumes much battery as it uses the smartphone's camera. Turned off to save energy. In parallel, improvements rates "gripping" pokemon as the AR mode off the process becomes easier. If natural sites some quite rare Pokemon and want to keep a screenshot or for your personal collection or to send to your friends and to "kokorefteis", you can activate the AR mode at will.

3. Activate the Low Power mode (low power mode)

The absolute move that will launch throughout the game. Enabling Low Power Mode (Settings> Battery) the iPhone will last longer until you need to recharge, but some features may require more time to be updated or completed.

Some operations may not work until you turn off the low-power mode or to charge the iPhone at 80% or higher.
After charging the iPhone at 80% or higher, the low power mode is automatically deactivated.

The low power mode reduces or disables these features:

  • - Night Shift 
  • - Invitation email 
  • - Hey Siri 
  • - Background App Refresh 
  • - Automatic downloads 
  • - Wi-Fi Connections 
  • - Some visual effects

When enabled the low-power mode, the battery status bar will appear yellow.
Furthermore, the display will show iphone6-ios9-battery-low-power-mode-icon and the charging rate.

4. Use one extra external battery / Powerbank

If even with the three above actions threatened to run out of battery, invested in the acquisition of a Powerbank which, apart from playing Pokemon GO will look your very useful on business trips, holidays etc.

With capacity 20000mAh and at just € 26 reliable Xiaomi PowerBank 20000mAh be able to fully charge seven times the iPhone 6. In addition, 2 outputs (2 x DC 5.1V / 2A max 3.6A USB output) ensure that charging simultaneously up 2 devices, while its weight is only 338gr so you can have it with you, wherever you go.

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