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Monday, 17 October 2016

Pokémon GO Plus, video impressions official accessory

Undoubtedly, Pokémon GO is the application that has starred this summer. With its launch and initial boom that caused worldwide she broke records download store both iOS as that of Android . Since then it has been updated to incorporate new features, such as the partner Pokémon , though I think the big decline that has experienced is due to not having updated with many more new users claimed.

Although fever Pokémon GO has passed, it is undeniable that this title augmented reality developed by Niantic and the charm of the famous saga of Pocket Monsters Nintendo - which already has 20 springs - has marked a milestone in the history of mobile applications. Who has not tried, at least have heard of this success. And that is something very difficult to achieve.

The last to arrive was the official accessory, bracelet Pokémon GO Plus , which offers a different way to play. Thanks to co- Urban Tecno we can see it in action.

Pokémon GO Plus and is the official bracelet game

As is obvious, it is an accessory that does not go unnoticed. So to bring this bracelet must first leave behind any kind of shame and be willing to look Pokéball proudly on the wrist. It is made entirely of plastic, so it is very light, but Nintendo has gone a bit with size.

The strap has a comfortable and very simple adjustment, but we can also remove it to put the Pokéball as a clip. Although we can say that where it is most useful it is in the wrist, because it is designed for our use there. The mission of this accessory is that it can capture Pokémon without the need to remove the iPhone, which is a change in experience.

The first is to match Pokémon GO Plus with the device, a process that is very quick and simple, uncomplicated. For this you open the game and go into "Settings". At the bottom we see the "Available Devices" section, one can only click on "Pokémon GO Plus" and from there the symbol of this accessory appear on the map.

The operation of Pokémon GO Plus is very simple because it only consists of LED lights in the center Pokéball and vibration. When a wild Pokémon appears, the bracelet vibrates and the LED lights green if it's a creature we've already captured. If instead of being green, the light is yellow, it means that we have given a Pokémon that have not registered with the Pokédex.

To capture just press the button, which will simulate the launch of the Pokéball. At that time the bracelet will vibrate and the LED will light white. If the capture is successful, the light will change to show a pattern with all colors. If, however, the Pokémon has escaped, we will see the red LED. All very simple to understand, but the fact is that Pokémon GO Plus has several drawbacks.

On the one hand, we find the most obvious, not knowing what creature we have captured. To know no choice but to make the iPhone and consult in the game. On the other hand, there is the question of the level that we have as a coach. Logically, in most cases we fail to capture a Pokémon to the first and we need to launch more Pokéball to get it. In this aspect, the bracelet lost utility for advanced users, because it allows launch Superball or Ultraball, and of course we should forget about the berries.

But yes Pokémon GO Plus is useful for all coaches regardless of their level on the issue of collecting objects. When we approach a Poképarada, the bracelet vibrates and the LED lights up in blue. Pressing the button, we see that the lights change showing all colors and you'll notice a vibration for each object obtained. In the event that we have we moved too far from the Poképarada or have the backpack full, we see that the LED lights up red.

Another highlight of Pokémon GO Plus is that makes a record of the distance we travel. So we can take what we walk for incubating eggs Pokémon, plus it allows the collection of candy thanks to partner Pokémon that have assigned. These aspects are helpful and improve the gaming experience, because to advance we need not go down the street with iPhone in hand.

The bracelet gives coaches the ability to play more intensively without battery terminal quickly depleted. And why deny it, it is a good way to play without having to hide pretending we're chatting or watching anything on the iPhone than Pokémon.

As for whether it is worth acquiring Pokémon GO Plus - its price is 39 euros - I think that depends a lot on what tempo we carry. The important thing is that we consider the points I mentioned to know in advance what it will be useful.

We must also look if your phone is compatible. From iPhone 5 with a version of greater than or equal to iOS 8 In any case, thanks to this complete video analysis you have the opportunity to meet Pokémon GO Plus before embarking on your purchase. Do you think a really useful accessory?

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