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Monday, 24 October 2016

Possible solutions to certain problems logging into iCloud

 Sometimes, we may find an error message stating that "this Mac can not connect to iCloud due to a problem with [email protected] "Which directs the user to open the iCloud preferences. Once inside preferences panel iCloud on Mac, some users may be able to successfully enter iCloud, but often another error that reads "An unknown error occurred" occurs when trying to log into iCloud on your Mac, or sometimes the iCloud preferences panel freezes and goes into an infinite loop. Why, then we'll show a series of tips that can probably solve this problem.

This error iCloud can be very peculiar to resolve, but the following steps should remedy such problems logging give account on a Mac.

Check if iCloud is idle or not

The first thing to do is check whether iCloud is idle or. To do this, go to this link and confirms that all Apple online services are available.

If iCloud is idle, you need to wait until the service is back online to solve the problem.

Quit all iCloud Apps and restart the Mac

The next step is to exit each application you are using iCloud, this includes out (either by force or not) of my messages, FaceTime, calendar, notes, reminders, etc. Also, be sure to exit the application's preferences system.

Once all applications have been closed, you must restart the Mac as usual in the Apple menu and eligee "Restart." If the Mac freezes or no restarts, you can make a forced reboot.

When the Mac starts again, still not open any application using iCloud, since you must first go to the preferences panel iCloud (Apple menu -> System Preferences -> iCloud) and try to access the ID account Apple / iCloud again. At this point, you should log in without problems, so that everything would return to normal.

Close and Return to log into iCloud

If iCloud is online, you close all apps iCloud and restart the Mac, but you're still having trouble, the last step is to log in iCloud, restart and log into the account.

To do this, go to the Apple menu and open System Preferences, and then go to the section of iCloud. Select "Exit".

Restart the Mac as usual.

Once the Mac has booted again, returns to the iCloud preference pane and log in as usual.

This should be enough to solve the problem of "an unknown error occurred" iCloud and pop -up message appears indicating that the Mac can not connect to iCloud due to a problem with the Apple ID. 

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