Rumour has it that Apple released iMessage for Android -


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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rumour has it that Apple released iMessage for Android

it seems that Apple has the idea of ​​launching the iMessage for Android, for the instant messaging service platform has more presence.

Supposedly, this week have circulated, internally, several models of iMessage for Android. The concepts have different user interface designs, some adhering to the "material design" compatible with Android, while others are a replica of the iOS app.
This would not be an uncommon decision to Apple since last year, the company introduced its Apple subscription service Music for Android devices.

Long ago, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs promised that in 2010 FaceTime video chat would become an open standard, available for other platforms and services. Unfortunately, this never happened.

For now, FaceTime remains exclusive to Apple for certain reasons, including concerns engineering and patent infringement lawsuit VirnetX forcing the company to develop other solutions.

Although it is unlikely that in the immediate time we see FaceTime as an open standard, the idea of launching iMessages for Android, is a first step for the Cupertino company makes the service is transformed into an open standard.

Earlier this year, in what eventually turned out to be a false rumor, it was claimed that Apple planned to debut iMessage for Android at its annual developer conference (WWDC) which was made in June this year.

At the moment, all you get to do is wait for their alleged Apple materializes ideas and we witness the implementation of its cross-platform instant messaging service iMessage, which brings interesting features.

This rumor will do well, especially to those users who use WhatsApp but do not like the changes in the privacy policy that has implemented Facebook.

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