Samsung announced the first module of 8GB of RAM Mobile LPDDR4 -


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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Samsung announced the first module of 8GB of RAM Mobile LPDDR4

Samsung Electronics today introduced the first mobile chip 8GB. A LPDDR4 created module designed to screen UltraHD and manufactured in 10nm. The latest technology in RAM will surely be released with the Galaxy S8 .

Joo Sun Choi, vice president of sales Samsung memory explains that these reports will allow the following flagships easily handle double cameras, displays 4K and functions of virtual reality. That is, is anticipating the features that the Galaxy S8 will and for those inside a priori be prepared. At the end when new features are added on a mobile technology to move and here Samsung has prepared its factories needed.

The new module operates 8GB of RAM LPDDR4 4266 megabits per second, twice as fast as DDR4 DRAM for PCs, which normally do to 2133Mbps. If we have a 64 - bit bus, we talk about 34GBs of data per second. Enough to move several apps at once, hopefully.

This RAM is designed for mobile and tablets and unlike usually found in laptops. In fact enabled tablets will allow guzzling operations such as virtual machines, 4K video playback smoothly and various functions that currently only watched on PC. Technology advances and everything that once saw in reaching end portable smaller devices.

The jump to 10nm also offers improved efficiency since it consumes the same as 20nm 4GB RAM but twice. To give you an idea of how tall this module, its dimensions are at 15 x 15 x 1 mm. Small enough for mobile dwarfing and also thin enough to place it next to a UFS memory or processor. There already depend on each assembler. Samsung also has a 16GB memory LPDDR4 but not in a single module.

Mobiles and tablets of 2017 will continue to improve on what we have today. He said your smartphone is like a small computer is becoming more certain.

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