Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burned 13-year-old girl again -


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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burned 13-year-old girl again

A report from KSTP found that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset lot of 13-year-old girl burned again by a replacement of the Samsung Restore and replace them earlier.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the burning problems of the 13-year-old girl Zuis via KSTP said, "This is really weird, it feels hot. Hold the finger at "the girl continues. After burning sensation in the fingers, quickly left the Galaxy Note 7 to the ground from the moment it started to smoke coming from the unit.

Zuis told that burning the fingers. "It felt like a pin or needle to pierce a lot. It hurt a lot more "by the body as a whole. There is smoke damage occurred burns and cover the machine was broken.

Andrew's father Zuis Galaxy Note 7 provides that such a machine is switched on from the Samsung Restore previous bill, and he has revealed more details about that. Has purchased since August 2559 and replace dated September 21, 2559.

Previously, it had problems similarly occur Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of smoke on the plane that changed a lot, then this issue is of concern to users Galaxy Note 7 other change it much. up As well as those who are considering buying this version as well.

SAMSUNG acknowledge the problem,

Samsung has released the source said. "We want to reassure customers. We acknowledge and track all reports of family Zuis so that we can carry on with everything. What happens to this family, "and said that more information. "Safety is the most important."

Source - iClarified

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