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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8: everything you expect to see

The technology does not stop. The Note 7 has been a disaster for Samsung but we are sure that the manufacturer achieved a Samsung Galaxy recover S8 to rise to the occasion.

There are still several months for your arrival but we can begin to anticipate what features will and relevant details. If you're a faithful follower of the mark or simply want to know what the next flagship Samsung, here's what we expect to see the Galaxy S8.

The best screen and camera market, the premiere of the new processors 2017, a design that continues to improve the added Edge form and have already become a standard and rapid charging or water resistance. It should also be the Galaxy that debuts USB Type C in the range S. Let's review all the news we hope to detail.

Design and Screen 4K Edge

The Galaxy S8 will not come alone. A Galaxy screen Edge S8 and S8 Galaxy Pro, larger screen and Edge: two models are expected HDR and 4K resolution . It is a slight change of strategy, the small model would also get the Edge while the large screen would differ with high resolution screen to convince those users who have opted for the Note 7 and ran out. Of course, we believe that the S-pen will remain an exclusive range Note that know what will happen to her.

S8 Galaxy screen would be 5.1 inches with resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is we have about 576 ppi in. S8 screen Galaxy Pro / Plus would be 5.5 inches with resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels and 801 ppi impressive.

Another detail on the screen would be the inclusion of fingerprint on the screen, a technology that we waiting for some time and could be released in style next year.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 already offered resistance to water and dust IP68. This is one of the best resistance in a smartphone and allows us to use in most situations where we are in contact with water. Apple this year has joined the bandwagon it seems impossible that the next model Samsung backward in this section.

Yes we've heard that Samsung develops superhydrophobic screens that slide completely water. For what? Mainly for even get wet you can use the touch screen without any problem. Now you could use, but had to minimally dry as it drops bothered to control the screen. With this superhydrophobic screen drops would slip and it would be much nicer.

Maximum power for the Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S usually come with different processors depending on the region where it is sold. On one side we would have the Snapdragon 830 10nm and manufactured by the same Samsung and the other is the Exynos 8895 , also made of 10nm.

These new processors would provide enough power to handle high resolutions and also would provide a much better autonomy thanks to its smaller, more efficient transistors.

dual camera

Another new Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the inclusion of dual chamber . Rumors speak that would double camera as Huawei P9, but that this would only be available for the Plus model. New quality differentiation between the standard model and Plus, it would be significantly more expensive.

The sensor used is unknown, but if you bet on Sony would find the new Sony IMX378 Google introduces the Pixel.

The Galaxy S8 will have its own voice assistant

Another battlefields of mobile will be the software. Google has attacked Assistant and Samsung recently purchased Viv , an artificial intelligence from the creators of Siri. It is expected to be preinstalled instead of Google Voice and offer users an assistant Galaxy voice S8 able to control other devices, answer questions and provide information.

The latest technology in battery charging

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a battery that should not explode. The problem of Note 7 reverberate for months and many eyes will be on this terminal so that everything goes smoothly. The battery will remain non-removable (and it is not related to problems) but its size will remain at 3000mAh and not raise questions in size.

Samsung has always offered a size very content in their terminals and hence all components are optimized to the maximum. We believe that will be conservative at this point but instead keep the wireless charging. Our bet is that integrated Quick Charge 4.0, the latest fast charging technology should solve these problems with the battery. In the S7 they stayed in had access to 2.0 while 3.0, 2017 Samsung should bet on the new version.

Date of submission of Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and model Plus will be available as usual during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. The day before the opening of the fair, which this year will be on 26 February 2017. There will have to be patient for the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8, a device that always meets all eyes and opens the pattern of smartphones 2017.

And you, what do you expect of the future Samsung Galaxy S8? Is he up to expectations?

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