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Monday, 10 October 2016

Samsung Makes your Note 7

Several weeks ago some users started to complain that their networks crisp new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had exploded suddenly. Shortly after the company decided to withdraw the affected market units to replace them with new ones, but it seems that the problem remains unsolved.

Even supposedly secure this Note 7 models have also exploited, so Samsung could be considering completely stop manufacture. Some time ago we said that this failure Note 7 would favor the iPhone 7 Plus , and if the rumors are confirmed and Samsung stops making its flagship Apple could get a bunch of new users.

Lets Samsung to manufacture its Galaxy Note 7?

As reported by Korean news agency, Samsung would have decided to throw in the towel and stop manufacturing its new flagship. From Yonhap, the name of this agency, say that the South Korean company is considering the possibility to stop producing the Galaxy Note 7 due to this problem that is costing both explosions solve them.

Moreover, all this controversy would not help anything and heavily damaging the image of the company, something that does not come at all well. For this reason, Samsung may discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 and so cut the root problem.

By the time the South Korean company has not confirmed this decision officially, but since the Korean agency say that one of the suppliers of Samsung have already received the news of the cessation of production Note 7. Anyway all this controversy is damaging much the image of the company, not only on the issue of the explosions, but by the way they have decided to manage this problem so far have not managed to solve 100%, as say our fellow Andro4all .

And you, do you think Samsung stop making the Note 7? Do you think it is the right decision if this information is true? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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